About us
Our Band

L.O.M. Band is a Classic R&B, Jazz, and Funk band that began as a dream of various musicians who all were looking to play their kind of music their way. 

Facing the need for a dynamic band concept, the group began searching for a name, something that would give them a more universal and descriptive venue vibe.

Thus, Lovers of Music Band “L.O.M.” was born. "Lovers of Music” is a universally descriptive name easily accepted by people of different cultures and musical taste.

With Harrisburg being an unsung nest of musicians in jazz, rock, soul and funk, L.O.M. was a brainstorm idea of the band members which began for them all as a hobby.

The Lovers Of Music Band was activated in January 2012. Originating from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, L.O.M. is looking to re-record and perform the original sounds of various artist.

L.O.M. Band is ready to perform for your party, banquet, family regions and group gatherings.

Also as a Band of American Legion Members (Veterans, Auxiliary, Son of Veterans) with current and active memberships, we want to support all American Legion Post with the sound of music.

The highlighting feature of all these musicians in this dynamic band is that they all actually are “Lovers Of Music”.

Thank you for your interest!